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Sage Smudge Sticks Florida Water Palos Santo Blessing Sticks
Sage Smudge Sticks
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Florida Water
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Sage smudging has been used to connect to the spiritual realm and enhance intuition. For healers and people from various cultures, burning sage is used to achieve a healing state and to solve or reflect upon spiritual dilemmas. Sage can be useful with new purchases, gifts, or secondhand items. If you have any concern with negative history or energy attached to a new or unfamiliar object, smudging may help bring peace of mind and make the object more sacred to you. Burning sage can also lift one’s mood, and is a great ally against stress. Florida Water is used to remove negative energy, heavy vibrations, and encourages the healthy expression of emotions. This is especially good after arguments, coming in contact with negative people and those who have empathic abilities. Florida Water can aid in crystal cleansing when diluted with distilled water. When your stones begin to feel heavy or give off low energy, place them in the water. Florida water has a relaxing effect on the nerves and the mind. When seeking advice or connecting with your ancestors, set a glass or bowl of Florida water on your ancestral altar to clear any confusion and receive messages clearly without interference. Florida Water has many other benefits that are used for different spiritual rituals and cleansings. Palos Santo is wood from a tree called Bursera Graveolens that grows in South America. It has been recognized as holy wood, and usually burned as an energy cleanser. It also is used to neutralize issues before they even begin, by attracting sacredness and benevolence to a space. We enjoy burning a stick of Palo Santo before meditating as it really helps us get relaxed and connected to ourselves. The lovely earthy, sweet and citrusy smell literally changes the energy inside any room. Whether it’s conflict at work or a stress from a partner bringing you down, Palo Santo is known to show agitated and harmful energy out the door.
Sage Spray (Spiritual Clearing)

Sage Smudging Spray is a smokeless alternative to burning sage for those times when a cleansing of an area is required without the smoky smell. Just a few sprays clears negativity from any space and even on your body. Use it anytime, anywhere to clear away negative energy from your space, purify and energize sacred objects, or just to clear away confusion or apathy. Sage is well known for its ability to help you use your personal power to achieve goals.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake bottle: Simply spray any area that you would like to cleanse, starting at corners of room, moving onto to center. To spray yourself, test for allergies first. Then, close your eyes and spray over your head allowing the spray to fall upon your body.