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African Chew Sticks aka Miswak African Chew Sticks aka Miswak

African Chew Sticks aka Miswak/ Licorice Root/ Siwak/ Peelu/ Siwak/ Arak is well know for its ancestry teeth cleaning treatment made from a tree (known as arak). A traditional alternative to the modern toothbrush, it has a long, well-documented history and is reputed for its medicinal benefits.

Miswak is the natural dental care. Clean teeth, palate, tongue and gums with the wood of the toothbrush tree (Salvadora persica). The product is a traditional form of the toothbrush in East Africa and Arabia.

With fluoride,cleaning, mineral nutrients the Miswak is an ancient teeth cleaning remedy that was past down through generations its has now been know as a modern option forl oral hygiene.


  • Kills bacteria that causes gum disease
  • Fights plaque effectively
  • Useful and effectives for teeth whitening
  • Helps reduce tooth decay
  • Removes Bad breath and odor from mouth.
  • Effectively cleans between teeth due to its parallel bristles.
  • Increases salivation and hence inhibits dry mouth (Xerostomia)
  • Natural oral hygiene
  • Used like a toothbrush but without toothpaste
  • Long lasting from the peelu tree
  • Thick and moist 8" stick

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